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POLB50Y3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Gien, Infor, Ontario Health Insurance Plan

Political Science
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Mcc Alllister
Study Guide

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Introductory to five Approaches
Pluralist :
-closest to democratic ideals ,
power is dispersed rather than
controlled by a single group
If overlooked by the government
will lead to mobilixation and
activiation of resources;
Group action is more common
Example : national and regional
student advocacy groups have been
created as a result of tution fees
The pluralist argument is that if the
organizations were larger and
stronger and students are more
aggressive then they would have a
greater success
Public Choice:
Politics is bargning process where
politicans and voters act in rational
Politicans adopt policies to get
themselves elected.
Politicans focus on undecided voters
For example : students are rational
and interest in policies regarding
universities; they vote for politicans
who will provide the most
favourable votes
In 2008 , Edmonton NDP victory
b/c of Students
Class analysis
Corporates control the private sector
and shapes public policies
Dependence on the capitalist system
In era of globalization , states must
contend with powerful TNCS and
international agreements signed on
their behlalf
Example : the idea of university the
cost of university stopping students
from coming to school ?
The state is autonomous from
societal forces
The authorites decide what is good
for a state and design policies to
fufill their vision
If necessary authoraries resrt to
manipulation or coercion to
persuade the public of their wisdom
The government responds to
external actors
The government is constrained from
acting as it would b/c of interntional
Neo-liberalism is more influential
Actors in political system interact
with counter parts in other sates to
protect and promote common
Three types of compound crisis that
effects CANADA
A) English French conflict : Quebec
nationalism , Quebec as a distinct
society , Rebelion , FLQ crisis ,
referedums , partis quebecois , bloc
B) Conlfict beween the various regions
of Canada : relationships between
the centre and core ; transcontinteal
railway , national policy , western
alienation , reform parties
C) Relationship with the US , and the
threat of American domination :
foreign ownership , cultural
nationalism , external affairs ,
Federalism :
Canada is unique because it adopted
the Westminster model like British
Which involves two levels of
Federal and Provincial
Written constitution has to be legal
or approved
Designated number of provinces
The idea of it being a theory b/cf
fed government can overpower
Interstate Federalism
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