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20 Apr 2011

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Final exam study package, winter 2011: politics (serge-michel eta-ndu, the activity in which conflicting interests struggle for advantage or dominance in the making and execution of public roles, politics is significant because it has greatly affects all canadians. In addition, political parties run for office in the hopes of gaining power: an example of power is the ability to impose taxes which is possessed by the different levels of government. Influence (serge-michel eta-ndu: the act of producing a desired effect on decision-making. Prime minster on many issues: democracy (serge-michel eta-ndu, a political system characterized by popular sovereignty, political equality, political freedom and majority rule. www. notesolution. com, democracy is significant to canadians because we live in democratic country. In a democracy like canada, individuals gain power through elections: an example of democracy is elections, public policy (taoseef khandakar, definition: a course of action or inaction chosen by public authorities to address a given problem.

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