POLB80H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: De Jure, Nuclear Proliferation, Territorial Entity

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International relations: the field of international relations deals with the relations among states or world governments through intertwining policies ex. You can"t say you don"t want to deal with a certain state- us and cuba. Other actors that make us understand the dynamics of the relationship include international organizations, multinational corporations, individuals, domestic politics and non-state actors. These elements contribute to the central trend of ir today- globalization (2 key events in recent years= the september. 11. 2001 terrorist attacks and the global economic recession in 2008-09) Some of the issues include state sovereignty, global finance, terrorism, The origins of ir could be traced back to the peace of westphalia in 1648 which ended the thirty years war. Success depends on 1) the members must keep their alliance commitments to the group and 2) enough members must agree on what constitutes aggression ex.

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