POLB80H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Security Dilemma, Hegemony, Periphery Countries

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Final exam prep: applying theory to real-world cases. Look at the assumption of the theory and the assumptions of the statement prompt: the 1993 chemical weapons ban is an example of the effective use of international law in governing inter-state behaviour in an anarchic international system. Which theoretical orientation does this statement best reflect: russia"s aggressive actions in crimea are caused by vladimir putin"s. Neo-liberal institutionalism authoritarian style of rule, and the russian population"s. Liberalism: in 2003 the bush administration decided to democratize iraq in order to improve. Constructivism: because _______ approaches consider the importance of domestic political systems they argue that a democratic peace exists amongst democratic countries. _______ approaches would question this and maintain that democracies are just as subject to the security dilemma as non-democracies. Both china and japan claim these uninhabited rocks as part of their rightful territory, leading to an escalation of tensions between the two countries.

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