POLB90H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Social Change, Import Substitution Industrialization, Four Asian Tigers

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14 Dec 2012

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A strategy of individual development based on manufacturing goods domestically that was previously imported. Inefficient productions not able to compete without protection. An industrialization strategy that is heavily tied to exporting manufactured goods. By diversifying their economics into manufacturing for export, as well as for domestic consumption, many of the east asian economies managed to avoid the economic pitfalls faced by la and africa. The economics take off of south korea, taiwan, hongkong, and singapore in 1980s. When much of the global south went into economic declines. Unlike la and africa debt crisis and struggles east asia has grown phenomenally. Developmental state or strong state intervention or statecraft. Successful agrarian reform (agricultural surplus used for industrialization. Switched to eoi (more capital for investment, didn"t have to borrow) Skilled bureaucracy (worked with big business in their countries) Relatively work civil society (unchallenged by labor/peasant groups) Confucian culture (hard work, honesty, cooperation, social harmony)