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Political Science
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Understanding Underdevelopment
I. The “Third World” Defined
II. Causes of Underdevelopment
III. Theories of Development
I. The “Third World” Defined
a) Neutral meaning.
b) Revolutionary meaning.
c) Negative meaning.
Political Characteristics of the “Third World”
a) Politics and government are shaped by scarcity, inequality and a weak position in the
international system
b) the political legitimacy of many states is very weak
c) the power of governments is often very limited
II. Causes of Underdevelopment
a) Values of Leaders and Citizens
b) Natural Resources and Natural Disasters
c) International Economic Environment
d) Population
e) Education and Healthcare
f) Political Instability
g) Corruption
h) External Debt
III. Theories of Development
a) Modernization Theory
b) Marxist Theory
c) Dependency Theory
d) Statism or Interventionism
e) Neoliberalism or Market-led Development
f) Community or Grassroots Development
g) Feminist Theory
h) Sustainable Development
i) Impasse Theory
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