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Political Science
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2010 Winter Session
POLB91H3S Comparative Development in Political Perspective
Study Guide for the Final Exam
Exam Format
The final exam is worth 40% of your final grade. It will be held Thursday, April 15
from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. in AC223. The exam will have two sections. The first
section will be comprised of 6 short-answer questions worth 10 points each, for a total of
60 points. You will have a choice of 10 short-answer questions. The second section of the
exam is one essay question worth 40 points. The questions will test your familiarity with
the lecture material and reading assignments as well as your ability to apply what you
have learned.
Potential Short Answer Question Topics
You will need to outline the major issues and debates surrounding these topics. They will
appear in question format on the exam. You will be expected to write your answers in the
exam booklets provided. Please double-space your answers. Point form answers are
acceptable as long as they are based on fully developed ideas (as opposed to one-word
Ethnic ConflictReligion and Development Women and MDGs
Rwandan Genocide WID/GAD/WCD Agrarian Reform
Darfur, SudanSubordination of Women Rural Sector Strategies
Conflict Resolution Triple Workload of Women Peasant Rebellion
Social CleavagesWomen and SAPs Rural-Urban Migration
Religious FundamentalismPractical Gender Needs Informal Sector
Religious-based ConflictStrategic Gender Needs Titling
Potential Essay Questions
One of the following essay questions will appear on the final exam. You are expected to
answer in essay form in the exam booklets provided. Please double-space your essay.
1. Is legalizing shantytowns the solution to urban housing needs in the Global South?
2. Why is gender analysis important for understanding and explaining development?
3. Is political liberalization the solution to militancy in the Arab world?
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