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13 Apr 2012
Military Intervention and Security
I. Causes of Military Intervention
II. The Military in Power
III. Bringing Dictators to Justice
IV. Crime, Violence and Insecurity
I. Causes of Military Intervention
Coup d’etat: “strike at the state”; military takeover of power
1. The Nature of the Armed Force: explains the frequencies and the nature of military
intervention based on the internal characteristics of the military itself. (e.g training, bank
grants of officers)
a) Origins of Officers: officers of humble origins are more likely to intervene in politics on
behalf of the interests of the popular
b) Training: officers whose training focuses on internal rather than external threats are
more likely to intervene in politics.
c) Civic Action: military personal to participate in local development initiatives are more
likely to intervene in politics
2. The Nature of Civilian Regimes: argues that military intervention is more likely in weak
political systems that are characterized by instability
a) Political Institutions: when civilian governments enjoy widespread support and there are
effective channels of social representation, military intervention is unlikely
b) Political Culture: societies whose believe that democracy should be the only game in
town are less likely to support military coups
c) Level of Development: poorer countries are more likely to suffer from military
GNP per capita <$500 = successful coup attempt (lower income)
CNP per capita >$1000 = unsuccessful coup attempts (lower middle)
GNP per capita >$3000 = no coup attempt (upper middle)
II. The Military in Power – does military rule produce greater political stability and
social economic development?
Balance sheet: 3 main justifications
Combating Corruption:
Establishing Stability: government demonstration, short – term is good and long – term is
Promoting Economic Development:
KEY: the endurance of military governments depends largely on their economic
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