Essay Questions

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5 Dec 2010
Tips for the exam
Five questions that is on the blackboard
Format like midterm
Multiple choice
Short answer
Essay questions 1 out of 5
Know authors and main arguments of them
For example, there are questions that had to do with the chapters
Main points and arguments in intro and conclusion**
Question # 4
x Greed
x grievances
x Economic self interest
x Dictatorship/power struggle
x Inequality
x Differences in belief
x greed continue it because people are looking to pursue their self-interest
x example: drug trade, diamonds
x difference between opportunity and greed?
x collier: market for civil war*
x Economic instability
x Political instability
x Ethnic conflict
x >l}(µ]}vl}o}v[lv}Á}ZÇ
x Only one unjust group of power(authoritarian state) more likely for violence
x When there are grievances there resort to violence, drugs and illegal activities
x Articles: Sierra Leone, Kosovo
Question #3
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