POLC38H3 Study Guide - United Nations Interim Administration Mission In Kosovo

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13 Dec 2010

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Each war is a product of its own particular geopolitical, geographical, political,
socioeconomic and cultural context
Kosovo crisis in the 1990s from a long standing political dispute into a full blown,
violent conflict was a function of the destabilizing process unleashed by the
disintegration of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
The motivations of Kosovo Albanians were primarily to liberate themselves from the
increasingly oppressive rule of Serbia and gain independence
Socioeconomic underdevelopment and the realities of a virtual apartheid, especially
massive unemployment and interethnic inequality, were important factors
The crisis originated in both the inability and the unwillingness of the local actors
and the failure of the international actors involved in the region to peacefully
manage the challenges prompted by the geopolitical changes in the region after the
cold war
Kosovo has been under Serb rule throughout most of the twentieth century
Three important moments in Kosovo history
oBelgrades effective abrogation in 1989 of the autonomy status that Kosovo
enjoyed under the 1974 status
oThe accessions of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Macedonia to independence
in 1991-1992 effectively dissolved any political commitment to Yugoslavia that
may have remained among Kosovo Albanians in the period of 1989
oThe Dayton Peace Accords, which in 1995 settled the conflict in Bosnia-
Herzegovina, had a major destabilizing effect on Kosovo
NATOs turn to military intervention can be attributed to several factors
oThe end of Cold War forced NATO to reassess its traditional collective
security role
The Kosovo conflict was an ethnoterritorial contest but there were economic and
social problems that fed political extremism
Kosovo has been the poorest province of Yugoslavia
Belgrades policy led to rapid deterioration of economic and social situation
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