Oil, Drugs and Diamonds

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Oil, Drugs and Diamonds-ROSS
Civil wars and natural resources are linked
Natural resources tend to influence separatist conflicts than non-separatist
Resources mostly include diamonds, gem stones, oil, natural gas, copper, gold, drugs,
timber and agriculture
Civil wars for common resource: ex. Oil
Diamonds, gems and drugs are concentrated in a small area
Those that proximate to a national capital and those that are distant
Seven hypotheses on resources and conflict
1) The more lootable a resource is, the more likely it is to benefit local peoples and
the poor
Relies more heavily on the use of unskilled labour
2) the more unlootable a resource is, the more likely it will lead to separatist
If a resource is highly lootable, it is more likely to generate direct benefits for the
poor and local people
And if it relatively unlootable, it generates revenues for skilled workers, government
3) the more lootable a resource is, the more likely to benefit a rebel group, the more
unlootable it is the more likely it is to benefit the government
4) The more lootable the resource, the more likely it is to create discipline problems
inside the army that controls it
5) the more lootable the resource the more likely it is to prolong non-separatist
6) if a resource is obstructable, it is more likely to increase the duration and
intensity of conflicts
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