POLC38H3 Study Guide - War Economy, Ethnic Cleansing, Headon

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The Globalized War Economy
War economy: refers to a system which is centralized, totalizing and autarchic
Increase the efficiency of war and to maximize revenue to pay for the war
The new wars are globalized wars
They involve the fragmentation and decentralized of the state
Participations is low relative to the population both because of lack of pay and
because of lack of legitimacy
One of the key characteristics of failing states is the loss of control over and
fragmentation of the instruments of physical coercion
The failure to control the territory and collect taxes weakens the revenue of the
New wars are characterized by a multiplicity of types of fighting units both public
and private, state and non-state or some kind of mixture
In many African and post soviet states, soldiers no longer receive training or regular
Many were seen as losers
Self defence units are composed of volunteers who try to defend their localities
Foreign mercenaries include both individuals on contract to particular fighting units
as well as mercenary bands
The techniques of warfare are due to the types of warfare that developed during and
after world war II
War as a reaction to modern war
Revolutionary war
The objective of it is the control of territory through gaining support of the local
population rather than through capturing territory from enemy forces
Zones usually in remote part of the country
Key factor of revolutionary war: the avoidance of head-on collision
Key in warfare: destroy environment
Method political control is different
Main method of territorial control is not popular support
The techniques of population displacement include:
oSystematic murder of those with different labels
oEthnic cleansing, forcible population expulsion
oRendering an area uninhabitable
Direct violence more towards civilians now
Income generating activities include war taxes or protection money
Fragmentation and in formalization is paralleled by the informalization of the
Economic motivation explains new type of warfare
New type of warfare is a predatory social condition
The politics of identity, itself has a tendency to spread
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