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King, Charles. “The Myth of Ethnic Warfare,” Foreign Affairs (Nov/Dec. 2001)

Political Science
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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

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Myth of ethnic warfare – study guide
-Ancient hatred
-Elite politicians wanting to make money
-Economic inequality – poor people get exploited – rich get robbed
-With little social services, without security one would try to stockpile assets/securitize
forcing others to do the same to save their own assets from aggressors
-Symbolic politics – stuff made before is confirmed once violence starts and creates
-Things you must have for civil war
oMyths about rival groups to mobilize support
oFear of being swamped through economics, demographics, your identity
oTime to mobilize resources
Myth + fear + (faltering state, strong leader, outside power) = WAR
Requirement for a successful creation of a statehood:
-Population – labour resource
-Territory – land, assets
-Government – system of control
-Army – monopoly of violence
-Economy – funds
Requirements to sustain violence
-Entrepreneur who benefit
-Arms supplied by foreign powers
-Charismatic leadership
-Plenty of bored young men
King, Charles. The Myth of Ethnic Warfare, Foreign Affairs (Nov/Dec. 2001)