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8 Mar 2012

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Aboriginal canadians living on reserves and member of the military. The canada health act outlines core principles of universality that provincial governments must meet in order to qualify for federal funding towards healthcare: public administration, comprehensive, universality, portability, accessibility. Most doctors work on a fee-for service basis, operating very much as individual business persons. Provincial governments reimburse doctors for the bills they submit under a schedule of covered services and rates set by the provinces. Health care in canada is generally characterized as a public system but about 1/3 of total health care expenditures in canada fall outside the public system. Among the health- related procedures, services, treatments, and devices that are not covered by public health insurance are most prescription drugs and dental services, vision correction, and much physiotherapy. The canada health act of 1984 penalize provinces that allow doctors to bill their patients above what the province s schedule of billable services permits.

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