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13 Jan 2011

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The changing face of people in latin america. Contemporary latin america: upper class: 5% 10% (descendants of the europeans, middle class: 10% 25% (mixed ancestry, immigrants from other countries, lower class: 65% 85% (mulato, africans), your status is largely determined by your race. You can whiten yourself by becoming an actor or a soccer star, by attaining status in society, fame through the military, etc. At the top were the king and queen of europe. The colonial authority was the vice roy lived in the colonies and represented the king and the queen. Below him was the captain general who ran municipalities. At the bottom level (local level) were the large landowners. The catholic church was an arm of the state and transcended through all the hierarchy. The church had control over the educational system: latin american was born feudal in terms of having all these institutions in place.

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