POLC99H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: New Social Movements, Katina (Orca), Casta

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11 May 2015

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People who are not assigned to terms will have to do one essay question, Please have your part finish by 19th, and i will put everything together by 20th, If you have exam conflict with the date please let me know. Expectation for terms: each point will be 2 marks. Try to related it to the whole course theme: dispossession. Try to answer the terms according to rice end of lecture questions. If you have the assigned lecture missing please ask people to post on face book. I will also help to put up questions and lecture notes. Such as thesis, paragraph i to 5, make sure to put what you know from the lecture notes and the readings. Focus on local protest and whether they are sufficient. Kevin jin: is capturing state power the most effective way to bring about positive social change for.