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POLC99H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: New Social Movements, Katina (Orca), Casta

Political Science
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R Rice
Study Guide

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POLC Final Exam Study Group
Hi Everyone,
The terms assigned to everyone as following,
Each person does 3 to 4 terms. People who are not assigned to terms will have to do one essay
Please have your part finish by 19th, and I will put everything together by 20th,
If you have exam conflict with the date please let me know
Send your finish answer to:
Expectation for Terms: each point will be 2 marks
· Define the term,
· What happened, when
· Why did it happen
· The impact of that term
· Try to related it to the whole course theme: Dispossession
Try to answer the terms according to Rice end of lecture questions. If you have the assigned
lecture missing please ask people to post on face book. I will also help to put up questions and
lecture notes.
Noel Xavier,
· Dispossession
· Mestizaje
· Neoliberal Multiculturalism
Shelagh Joseph
· Decolonization
· New Social Movements
· Davis’ Spatial Model
· Neoliberalism
Jaime Castillo
· Neostructuralism
· Glocal Riot
· Movement of Recovered Companies
· Rural Landless Workers
Aaron Mak
Thurkkaa Vr
· Zapatista Army of National Liberation
· Land Question
· New Rural Activism
· Indigenous Qusetion
Eric Lee
· Decentralization Debate
· Left Turn
· Crisis of Representation
George Fadel
· New Constitutionalism
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· Mining Questions
· Extractive Industry
Essay Question
You don’t need to write whole essay. Please put your thoughts in point form. Such as thesis,
paragraph I to 5, make sure to put what you know from the lecture notes and the readings
Sana Ali
Chantal Cole
1. Did the Zapatistas (EZLN) make a strategic error in turning away from electoral
· Focus on local protest and whether they are sufficient
Katina Ying
Jayne Armstrong
2. Why is the Indigenous Question back on the political agenda in Latin America?
· Focus on History of Colonialism
· And Neo-liberialism
Kevin Jin
3. Is capturing state power the most effective way to bring about positive social change for
Latin Americas Dispossessed?
this essay can be answered in various ways. i am trying to answer it with Left Turn and
Type one essay
Left Turn
“ left turn” the broad wave of leftist government that have come to power since the late 1990s and are
questioning economic orthodoxy and seeking alternatives to neo-liberalism: eg: growth with equality.
the leftist leaders are not anti-market but neo-structuralist.
the left turn leaders change landscape in the region, each country has its own way of left turn.
Institutionalized left: Chile + Uruguay, trends to discourage societal mobilization outside of the electoral
Populist Left: Venezuela + Ecudor, many co-opt social movements or direct them from above.
Social Movement Left: Bolivia + Brazil, Synergy between social movements + the left
main goal is to change the constitution.
The new constitutional reform under left turn governments:
replacement in an attempt to change the balance of power and transform political systems
creations of new institutions such as Vice ministries of …….
Citizens are granted elements of direct democracy referendum for politicians
new citizen rights
new conceptualization of the states
New Constitutionalism
contraction of power in the executive branch
the new constitutionalism gives president more power
president term extended
Strengthening of commitmentss to individual + collective right
Strong + participatory civil society
The left turn tends to in general improve women's socio-economic status + political status
what expalins recent adoption of women and LGBT rights legislature
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