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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Part I Multiple Choice 15 questions worth 1 mark each 15 marks totalPart II DefineSignificance 5 questions worth 5 marks each 25 marks totalTerm definition 2 marksSignificance 2 marksExample 1 markHow does it relate to power in the policymaking processinstitutions Think about democracy andor the main debate on the issueLegitimation Phase applies to the House of Significant as this is the stage where the people Commons and the Senate when the policy are able to give their inputis introduced to Parliament for the peoples approval this process ends when the policy receives approval from the CrownInterpretation Phase applies to the Significant as this is the stage where the rights judiciary when the judiciary looks at the of the people are considered in enacting piece of legislation to determine if it abides legislationby the CharterMandatory Voting making it necessary for Ensures that everyone is represented in the Australia has citizens to voteresults of elections not just those who go out to mandatory votingvoteFirst Past the Post Single Member Critiques low voter turnout discrepancy Chrtien Liberals Plurality Canadian electoral system which between theof the popular vote and theof majority in 1993with 412 of theseats minor national parties win more of the means the winner takes allgenerally popular vote than seats ie NDP favours pop voteproduces a majority a governmentregional parties ie Bloc in QuebecProportional Representation Better More likely to include women MPs become Under PR the approximates theof the popular vote and more relevant as the executives power is Chretien Liberals theof seats every vote counts beyond a weakenedshould have had a minority in 93 thresholdwould produce more minoritycoalition governmentsMixed Member Plurality legislature would More representative of the population as party Ontario consist of Local Candidate seats FPTP and lists would be under scrutiny from the publicReferendum2007 Party List seats Proportional Top Up from on provincial electoral reform Party Votes 2 votes member and party more likely to produce majority than PRSingle Transferable Vote candidates are Failed to pass in ranked by each voter but there is a threshold 2005 and thea candidate must get in order to win the Spring of 2009 in seat once the threshold is met the remainder BCndof votes go to the 2 ranked candidateCampaign Financing Unfair as parties with an excess of funds can influence successThird Party Advertising When an Supreme Court insisted there should be limits Harper before he organizationgroup advertises for a on third party advertising as it can influencewas PM nopartypolicy as opposed to a political partypoliticslimits on third party advertisingHouse of CommonsConsists of MPs based on educationclass gender and raceethnicityrepresentativeSpeech from the Throne document prepared by the PM and Cabinet and read by the GG at the opening of Parliament outlines the governments legislative proposalsStanding Committees a semipermanent Have real powercommittee of the House of Commons
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