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Political Science
James Mc Allister

POLA51 Exam Study notesWeek 1What is Politicsis an activity in which conflicting interests struggle for power advantage or dominance in the making and execution of public policyPower ability of one actor to impose its will on another get its own way do or get what it wants May involve coercion influence or authority Influence ability of one actor to convince another that a particular action is reasonable or in their best interests Authority recognition that those issuing a command have the right to do so and be obeyed Constitution provides legal basis for the legitimate exercise of state power but may also limit the power of the state Laws societys system of binding rules that ensure that everyone is subject to the same rules and obligations What is the Statethe state manages conflict associated with the allocation of resources within a territory where it is sovereign and protects itself and its subjects from both internal and external threatsSovereignty ultimate control or independence of a state within a defined territoryGovernment political institutions and the individuals elected or appointed to provide direction for a society through the management of the publics business Legitimacy rules and institutions of the state are accepted by the most people as reasonable and are obeyed even when those disagree with the state or its leaders What is Democracy a liberal parliamentary representative democracy is a political system based on 1 political equality 2 possibility that voters care replace the government and 3 basic legal rights and freedoms The STATE Society or Social Systemincludes economic political religious and ethnic interactionPolitical System includes informal political structures like the mass media political parties and interest groups as well as the structures of government The state includes military judiciary civil service crown corporations federal and provincial governments Government Includes PM and cabinet House of Commons and Senate Week 2Political Socialization is a continuous learning process involving both emotional learning and political indoctrination it is the process of induction into the political culture Agents of political socializationFamily School PeersFriends Mass Media Religionpolitical PartiesGroups
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