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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Mcc Alllister

FINAL TUTORIAL FOR POLB50H Exam review for class Question # 5 From SYLLABLUS Canadian house of commons relatively little power in public policy , discuss its role , and its effective on ; MPS role and cabinet and service - relatively less power because the control of agenda is in the prime minister and executives - the charter takes of judiciary and policy issues - two branches in the house of commons , executives , legislaives ( everyone else is not as powerful ) - majority government it can do what it wants it has most of the votes - Minority parliament “hung parliament” the governing party doesn’t have the most seats, they cant do what thety want , if they vote it down “ vote of confidence” the government falls - The leglisative can bring down the executive branch ; the house doesn’t have confidence in the government - Commitees and question periods SENATE - it can review laws , and make suggestions and send it back to HOC for changes - they send it back for royal assent - designed and a full house of parliament - HOC , SENATE , CROWN - Two doesn’t matter : Crown and Senate - Amending senate , is difficult because it’s a political .. deadlock The gomery inquiry , describe the evolution of the public service more accountable ; The means by which it is accountable to parliament ; - the gomery accountability - senior beauracratics could give money without the knowledge of executives - multi mllion dollars scandals - the way it is set up they would okay the set up without parliament - 20 century , government is apparatus - Commission was impo for discretion - DESCRIBE THE EVOLUTION : - How is it held accountable ? The auditor general is the organ is holding the beaurcracy , gomery himself , the royal commission was able to identify individual , the public services ACT . - Public service commission itself. - Chapter on Beaurcracy. - Assess the accountability of these structures ; - Chapter 21 Charte
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