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Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Lecture 1: Studying Canadian Politics Key terms: Political Issue: We try to solve our needs by our own efforts which can be known as the private or voluntary sectors which function separately from the government. But when our needs get to a point where we can no longer solve them ourselves and we need the government to help, it becomes a demand that is then given to the public sector; the government. Issues rather than demands. Issues are what authorities take serious consideration because not all demands have an impact. Governments are more sensitive to the views of business community rather than the aboriginal peoples. For Example: Beating up wife became political issue over time… Politics Authorities are bombarded with demands and intense conflict exists among them. the essence of politics and government therefore lies not only in making and executing decisions for society , but having to choose among competing demands , in trying to resolve conflict, or in making social choices in the midst of social conflict. Politics- originates in conflict, and is often defined as the struggle for power and the management of conflict. Politics is an activity in which conflicting interests struggle for advantage or dominance in the making and execution of public policies. Power: Ability of one actor to impose its will on another, to get its own way, to do or et what it wants. ways of getting power: 1. Coercion: impose power on people by threatening with some form of punishment Ex: boss tells you to do something or else you will get fired Interaction with cohesive power in state-police force you to comply Police stops you bc you weren’t wearing seatbelt You cannot get away you have to deal with it War is form of cohesive power 2. Legitimacy(aka authority): person impose power on others bc they feel it is the right thing to do Authority is legit power Vast amount of power is authority (Canada) It is done bc it is right; stopping at red light Limits on authority: REFUSING TO DO WHAT THE POLICE SAY EX: teacher and student relationship: teacher can only tell you to raise h
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