POLB80 - Summary on International Regimes and Cooperation

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Political Science
Wiafe- Amaoko

Summary- International Regimes • International Regimes: “implicit or explicit principles, norms, rules and decision-making procedures around which actors’ expectations converge in a given area of international relations.” (Krasner, 1982) • Examines means and conditions under which states cooperate. • The realist, neoliberal, and the Cognitivist perspectives under which regimes occur even under anarchy. Realism Neoliberalism Cognitivism Central Variable POWER INTERESTS KNOWLEDGE Metatheoretical Orientation RATIONALIST RATIONALIST SOCIOLOGICAL Behavioral Model RELATIVE GAINS SEEKER ABSOLUTE GAINS MAXIMIZER ROLE PLAYER Institutionalism WEAK MEDIUM STRONG • Institutions are a set of customs, practices, relationships, or behavioral patterns of importance in the life of a community or society; institutions are the rules of the game, the norms that regulate behavior; they generate repetitive and predictable behavior; they define the social constraints and opportunities that actors face. • Benefits: increased cooperation, stability, prosperity, the emergence of governance • Cost: decreased sovereignty, new dimensions of conflict, restricted ability of governments to react to local needs and values as well as to rapid changes and shocks • International Organizations (IO’s) are made up of inter-governmental organizations ( IGOs) and non-governmental organizations ( NGOs) • Institutions could be viewed as either a principal or an agent • Global governance- The regulation of interdependent relationship between states in the absence of a overarching global government/authority. • Two Schools of Thought for global governance: 1. As an extension of liberal activism and plural management in the international system; 2. As an extension of some form of hegemonic or imperial power
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