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Political Science
R Rice

ISI -economic policy -country reduces its foreign dependency through local production of industrial products -adopted in many Latin American countries -8570,9K74:JK&3L90,9L438.4342L.422L88L43147,9L3207L.,,39K0 ,7L--0,3 UNECLAC -associated with dependency theory -state-induced industrialization through government spending -significance ,OO2,M470;0O450.4:397L08:80L3907;039L43L89854OL.L08945742490 Industrialization and protected national companies until they were developed Enough to compete in global market; they then when on to adopt free market Policies in other countries to open their markets to local products and prevent Them from adopting same development strategies which led to developed Countri08L3:897L,OL],9L43 *Over-Population N }L]]}LZ }L[Z}o]}L Z]Z ]L2 ] N It results from an increase in birthes and decrease in mortality rates N Over-population tends to lead to poverty as a majority of the population can not sustain ][ZZo N This is especially true in developing countries like Indiawhere half of the children are malnourished N The more people there are the more raw materials are required to sustain them N Developing nations consume more than their land can support N Significance: over-population puts a country under a huge strain to sustain it and can lead to environmental degradation and loss of resource base. PRSP N Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers N Prepared by member states through domestic stakeholders +World Bank + IMF N Updated every three years with annual reports N Z ] }L[ZK } }L}K] 7Z oLZ} ]o}o] ]ZL}2KZ} promote growth and reduce poverty N Signifiance: introd ]}L}9Z^9[Z }2L] by IMF + world Bank as an approach to country-based strategy for poverty reduction N Critics argue that PRSP criteria are used to impose neo-liberal policies that tend to increase poverty rather than decreasing it
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