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Jan. 17th, 2012 - Lecture 2 - again, odd formatting. my bad. tried to answer some of the potential mid-term questions myself, haha.

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Political Science
R Rice

POLB91Jan 17 2012Concepts in Comparative Political AnalysisIWhat and How does Comparative Politics CompareIIThemes for Comparative AnalysisIIIConcepts for Comparative AnalysisI What and How does Comparative Politics CompareComparative Politics is a a subfield in Political Science and b a method or approach to the study of politics SubField of Political Science Competing Schools of ThoughtBehaviouralist schools that emphasize statistical analysis and universal theories by examining a large number of cases or by using complex mathematical equations They are a quantitative school Interpretivists are scholars that emphasize on indepth analysis of politics within afew cases paying close attention to specific country contexts They are a qualitativeschool Area Studies are the detailed examination of politics within a specific geographicalsetting no necessarily including comparisonsQ Is the field of Area Studied still relevant for Political Science and Development Studies todayYes There is a need for grounded specialized information You also need to look at how local politics affects the global scope of politicsNo International diffusioncontagion Universal theories are more important than specializing MethodApproach to the study of PoliticsMost Similar Systems Design The study of differences across similarities You must select two or more countries that are similar in all respects except for the phenomenon being
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