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last minute mid term study guide 2012

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Political Science
R Rice

Last minute midterm study guide Terms and defs Terms 1Area studiesis the detailed examination of politics with a specific geographical settings such as studying Latin or North American politics it doesnt necessary involve any explicit comparisons The concept of area studies has 3 distinctive connotations among scholars o first it is sometimes used to refer to a detailed description of a nation or region that doesnt seek to generalize beyond the specific case o Second the term can refer to studies that build on a deep contextual knowledge of a specific society or region to develop understandings that are more generalo Third the term can mean interdisciplinary teaching or research by scholars working in a particular region or the world Area studies are important because most scholars still rely on area specific info if they want to findproduce good dataanalysisgeneralizations Since area studies focuses on enhancing interdisciplinary exchange among scholars there is more room for alternative ways of teaching research and intellectual exchange There are many people who question the relevancy of area studies in political science and development studies arguing that it is too narrow and expensive to conduct research 2Despotic Poweris the power to control and suppress society despotic power occurs mostly in the global south Under despotic power control is usually under one ruling power decisions are taken without routine and civil society is suppressed Despotic power has its roots in the colonial area where state borders and institutions were imposed by colonial rulers challenges to power were put down using forceThe power structure of colonial states resemble despotic power where it was entrenched by the ruling elites and those under their rule have very little human and economic rights Examples of despotic power include Tunisia which was ruled by autocratic leader for 20 years North Korea and Egypt which were both ruled by dictators for over 30 years During this autocratic rule the people of these nations had most of their civil liberties suppressed and had very little economic freedom 3Infrastructural powersis the capacity of the state to penetrate civil society and to use this penetration to enforce policy throughout its entire territory this type of power is usually found in the global north in countries such as Canada and the United States States gain infrastructural by providing centrallyorganized services that are carried out through a division of labor distributing authority to improve the efficiency of the infrastructure ensuring the literacy of the population which provides a means of setting state laws and allows for a collective awareness of state power and producing a system of weights and measures and a currency to facilitate the exchange of goods The state must also be able to guarantee that goods ultimately have value and providing an effective and rapid system of communication and transportation
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