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Political Science
R Rice

POLB 91 Midterm Study Guide yArea Studies Area studies the detailed examination of politics within a specificgeographical context not necessarily involving comparisons Is the area of studies still relevant for political science development studies today Yes1you need grounded specialized information 2 need to looks at how local politics affects global 3 politics affects global No1 international forcesdiffusioncontagion you are missing that effect by studying one country only2universal theories are more important The field that develop knowledge about on specific region people cretic that it mush based on general theoretical frameworks that hightlight global trends The nations of the world have been growing more interdependent and the interest that globalization inspires offers opportunities to examine that interdependence more closelyA countrys fate is more closely related to other countriesArea studies usually have three connotations 1 It is sometimes used to refer to a detailed description of a nation or region that doesnot explicitly seek to generalize beyong the specific case 2 Refer to studies that build on a relatively deep and contextrich knowledge of a specific society to develop propositions of more general applicability 3 It can also mean an interdisciplinary teaching or research by clusters of scholars grouped together in a program focused on a particular region of the worldSocial Democracy A democracy that not only offers fair elections and upholds basic civil and political liberties but also extends basic social and economic rights regardless of their social racial class they have the equal opportunities for health care education Democracy and market Market reform and democracy are usually go hand in hand1 Popular sectorsthe poors sometimes support tough economic reforms even though sometime the poors are usually the ones who suffer the mostEg Extreme economic crisis such as hyperinflation2 New presidents enjoy a honeymoon phase that allows for reforms shock therapy program are usually more effective at the beginning presidency3 Democratic institutions ensure the losers of reform that they will be able to advance their interests in the future4 Political liberalization can weaken vested interests that were among the main obstacles to reform
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