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PolB91H3: Comparative Politics All Lectures (Midterm)

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Political Science
R Rice

POLB91H3 COMPARATIVE POLITICSRRICE01252012Comparative Politics what is itIt is a subfield in political science and a method or approach to the study of politicsA SUBFIELD EX Canadian Politics US PoliticsOpinions and attitudes in different political systemsObjective is to make a generalization of politics from comparing different systemTwo Complete Schools of Thought 1 Behavioralists scholars that emphasize statistical analysis universal theory complex mathematics They examine a large number of cases or by using complex mathematical equations Quantitative SchoolWhy countries go to war Political economic data to prove questions large scale quantitative analysis2Interpretivists scholars that emphasize an indepth analysis of politics within a few cases paying attention to specific country contents They look at a few cases specific contexts they are the qualitative school Trend is towards this type of schoolArea Studies within Comparative PoliticsA detailed examination of politics within a specific geographical setting not necessarily involving comparisonsStudy their whole life in Mexico they specialize in Mexico Quantitative school says how do you learn the world from just looking at one countryGlobal Trends larger theories is more importantIs the field of area studies still relevant today Comparative PoliticsYesneed grounded specialized info Need to look how local politics affect global politics You cannot just rely on local government statistics you need a reliable source from a person who specializes in that geographical area Diversity of the experience in the global south
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