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Political Science
Spyridon Kostivilis

The Russian Revolution New Edition Structuralist Voluntarist • The structure of Russia was • The Russian population did not very weak compared to the rest rally behind their government at of Europe. They had no middle all. During World War One the class and experienced large- population rallied together scale industrial growth almost 60 against the government, and years after England. The lack of around a year after the feudalist a middle class resulted in the rule would be dead. upper and lower classes working • The Bolsheviks believed that together to attack the you could go straight to a government. communist revolution without a • The government also bourgeois revolution, thus emancipated peasants way later resulting in the implementation than the rest of Europe, which of communism once the resulted in a very poor economy, Bolsheviks took power. defined by classes and land • Karl Marx created the ownership. communist manifesto, which • The First World War hit and the sparked the idea of communism Russian population hated in Russia. defeats and loved victories • Valdimir Lenin was the leader of (distrust in government). the Bolsheviks and was seen as • Russia had lost a lot of money in the main reason for people the First World War, and the wanting to rally against the workforce had been pushed too government in the Revolution. much to produce things for the He was the Leader of it. soldiers and to make a profit. • A revolution was going to happen regardless of who lead it. The Model of Totalitarianism Structuralist Voluntarist • There is a system of terror • Totalitarianism usually is started implemented, which is both by an ideology focused at the physical and psychic. It is perfect final state of mankind. directed against enemies of the • There is usually one leader or a regime and attacks them through violence and dictator. They possess an absolute power, and usually lead oppression. the group that
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