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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Jennifer Levine

POLA90 Tutorial Exam Review Exam: Thursday, December 16, 2010 9am-12pm, AC 223 Reminders: Bring your student card. Do not bring your cell phone. Cell phones are considered aids and having them out is a form of academic misconduct. Format: Similar to the midterm (a combination of multiple choice, truefalse, fill in the blanks, and short answer) + 1 essay question. There may or may not be choice for the essay question. The exam will focus on the second half of the course, but you still need to know the main ideas from the first half of the course, as they have never disappeared. Studying: Go through the readings and know the main pointsarguments, review lectures and pick out key concepts, try to think of what sorts of questions could be asked and the big themes that could be turned into essay questions. Writing the exam: Make sure you read the questions carefully. Its easy to read too quickly and incorrectly think you know what the question is asking. This is a big issue for multiple choice and true and false questions, so take your time. That said, watch your timing. When the exam starts, take a minute to look over the whole exam, so that you get a sense of how much time you should devote to each section. If youre having trouble with a question, dont spend too much time on it (move on and come back to it). There should be a clock in the room, but wearing a watch is a good idea. You cannot rely on your cell phone for this purpose. Bring at least 2 pens and write in pen, not pencil. Answering an essay question: Organization is important, so before you start writing, make an outline. This will help keep you on track and on time. While we do not expect the response to be as polished as a paper you would hand in, we look for the same general features. If the question calls for it, have a thesis argument and structure your paper with key points. Use paragraphs. Make sure you demonstrate and apply your knowledge of course materials. Tutorial topics: Please note that this list focuses on topics covered in tutorial, not lectures, since the midterm. It is NOT a comprehensive coverage of course or reading materials. 1) Intrastate conflictCivil War a. Carter Theories of Civil War i. Economic Economic predation opportunity and self-interest (Collier) www.notesolution.com
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