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Revising development:  the moluccian in modern indonias is made up of three islands, there three groups are tidore, ternate and bacon  The Moluccas was the central passage way for other countries to pass by and do the trading with the respect to other countries  They were known for producing spice cloves, maces, and nut megs  the spices was very important and the Europeans countries were interested in purchasing the spices and bringing the spices to their own countries  Europeans settlers found this passage way and it became their own passage way for trading and going to other countries  Before that spices had to shipped through east Asia and then transported to other countries in Europe  the Portuguese found out that Moluccas was the central place and passage for the trade which was located near Melekia, the Portuguese set out to control things in Melika they capture Melika in 1511. From around the world people from China, India, Malaysia etc came to Melika to do the trading and they would do more tradings of spices  whoever was in charged out of Melika made a fortune out of it  Melika and other countries in South Asia developed very quickly by making a fortune from the spice trade.  With the kings in power they were the center of everything they relied on the revenues of the trading, it gave the kings more power and authority to control their states and expand them. They were becoming more like the European countries  The success of the portugues was great  After that the Dutch was in line for over taking Mulcuacass so their business would develop and expand, they tried eliminating all other opponent, in 1605 they had fully captured Mulcuccas and tried to rule over tidore, ternate and bacan  The Dutch eliminated the Portuguese and took over, they also took over the banda island which contained the spice  They had to compete to with the English, chines and Indian so they decided to play a monopoly by adding more things to the tr
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