Conflict and Conflict

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

NOV 3-Conflict and Collusion in Sierra Leone-KEEN Sierra Leone has an extractive economy and autocratic political system It was under British rule The colonial state allowed chiefs, headmen and elders to define a customary law that asserted and legitimated their power and control over the allocation of resources The economic rewards of the paramount encouraged intense and sometimes violent competition for office Development programmes were a threat to chiefs if they offered new choices and new sources of loans and patronage The continued power of chiefs and the weak state bureaucracy helped ensure that political energy was directed, towards local power struggles From 1935-1956: Diamond Boom British company had rights to the mining Extracted all the diamonds There was illegal mining An important ethnic distinction has been between the Creoles of Freetown and the other groups up-country Rivalry between the Temne speakers of the north and the Mende speakers of the south Siaka Stevens political system was based on extending patronage to a relatively small but shifting group of insiders, whilst intimidating any outsiders who expressed
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