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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Renan Levine

Politics CorruptionViolencethMIDTERM Tuesday October 18 2011Week 1 IntroductionLectureCorruption 1Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power typically involving bribery2The action of making someone or something morally depraved or the state of being soTypes of conflict Forms of violence INTERPERSONALneighbour to neighbour Army to Army Violence against state State Violence Collective Action people standing up against corruption protests rallies petitions etc often difficult and even if achieved changes may be elusive sometimes easier to take alternative route then voicing opinions Collective GoodSomething all as a group enjoys roads busses parks etcHow Canada stands up to CorruptionIndependent Solicitor Generalresponsible for internal security prisons parole boards and RCMPs Independent Judicial inquiries Free press that EAGERLY reports on scandal Competitive electionsvoters have the power to throw out ineffective candidates CONNECTIONThere may be a strong connection between violence and corruption between failing governments and its protesting citizensReadingsDeath of Whistleblower Is Test for Tunisias New Rulers NYTIMES ReadingAdel Hammamicomputer technician killed for knowing about corrupt dealings within the Constitutional Democratic Rally former ruling party in Sidi Bouzid TunisiaHe threatened to take the info he knew to the interior ministry later getting severely beaten up and threatened against that actionHe received a phone call from the police saying they feared for his safety and if he stayed home his daughter would be kidnappedNext his family heard from he was deadKilled by 4 police officers reports show he was badly burned to death 1
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