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Sample Final Exam QuestionsMultiple Choice1According to Collier and his colleagues which of the following factors best explains lengthy civil warAEthnic heterogeneity leading to conflict between ethnic groupsBPolitical grievances about economic mismanagement or low levels of political rightsCOpportunities to control lucrative natural resources2How does strong greed theory explain conflictAStrong greed theory argues that war is pursued in order to capture resourcesBStrong greed theory states that the most physically strong rebels are able to benefit the most from conflict by taking advantage of economic opportunities that arise during warCStrong greed theory argues that economic resources are a key cause of conflict because of collective action problems3In general how are conflicts supported by outside patrons or diasporas different than conflicts that arise in resourcepoor contextsAConflicts supported by outside patrons or diasporas tend to perpetrate more abuses against local civilian populationsBConfl
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