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Political Science
Renan Levine

Politics CorruptionViolencethFinal Tuesday December 20 2011Week 6 GreedGrievancesKinship RelationshipsLoyalties to clan or tribemay replace loyalty to state Why People FightInequality Religious ethnic strife Povertylack of opportunity Lack of democracydemocratization History of Conflictrecent history GrievanceRebels seek to rid nation of unjust regime oEthnic or religious hatred oEconomic inequalityoLack of political rights oGovernments economic incompetence GreedRebellions arise because rebels want wealth by capturing resources Weaker version rebellions can solve collective action problems bc they have resources Collier rebellion sustained through access to resources Collier Doing Well Out of WarGrievanceCollective Action Problem Public goodsfree riders Rebellions start small BUT cant stay small to succeedMust fight b4 justice rebel leaders may not implement justice if you succeed GreedCollective actions People will work for the incentive of money 1Rebels get the mineral wealth the drug profits 2Therefore incentive to continue fight ProfiteersIncentive for war to continue as some benefit from civil war 1Businesses thrive focused on shortterm 2Criminals thrive more money focused on military not police therefore no one to punish thieves 3War increases cost of entry and reduce efficiency of market4Prebends and protection racketspeople pay bribes for protection rebels or military gain Cumulative EffectHistory of grievance leads to repeated civil action Greedresourcessustained conflict Religious Ethic Diversity reduces conflict Canada USA Britain ect oEXCEPT when one large group lives alongside small minority Sri Lanka Rwanda ConflictsDarfurIsraeliPalestinian conflictexception Lebanon Religious divisionsShia Sunni Druze and ChristianoMain conflict wt Shia and Sunniboth Muslim but Shia more extreme than the SunniPLO Palestine Liberation OrganizationsSunnikicked out of Palestine due to creation of Israel and moved to Jordon kicked out of there gained support from refugee camps in Palestine go to Lebanon and settle in the southIsrael invades to stop conflictPolitics CorruptionViolencethFinal Tuesday December 20 2011Hezbollah ShiaPLOcommon enemy Israelwants to kick them out PLO established shadow states oShadow states country where they gain independent after civil war and the leader takes advantage of it and make the country their own private product seen in Serra LeoneCause war vs Fuel WarLowest level of violence to highest oSporadic or isolated riots oPersistent organized andor coordinated but lightly armed riotsrebellionsoShort heavily armed riotsrebellionscoupsoDurable heavily armed conflictsConclusion Those who profit from war are reluctant to end warGreed plays important role in understanding modern conflictsoSolve collective action problemsoExplains why some countries have short wars or just riots some countries have long wars
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