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Political Science
Jennifer Levine

PresentationAssignment Overview In tutorials student pairs will make short 6 minute presentations about a countrys corruption violence or both depending on what material will be covered that week in readings and lectures Up to three pairs of students will sign up to present each tutorialGoals Acquire experience making presentations a common form of communication at university and in fields like public policy Complete original research on specific cases of corruption and violence Apply and share concepts from class to specific cases and examples Detailed Instructions Topics We recommend that students select a specific news story theme or topiclike police corruption or paramilitary forcesStudents are encouraged to choose what countries or cases that they are interested in including those they may already have experience or insight into Before October 11 presentations should be related to corruptionBetween October 11 and November 1 presentations can be made on either corruption or violence After November 1 all presentations should focus on violenceStudent pairs should consult with the TA about topics to present Students presenting on the same week are encouraged to present on similar themes so more than one presentation may discuss the same topic in different countries For example a
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