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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Jennifer Levine

POLA90 Fall 2011 Sample Final Exam Essay Questions At least one of these questions will appear on the final exam but read carefully in case the wording of the question or the specific tasks changes slightly For all questions it is essential that students structure their answers appropriately and demonstrate their mastery of the course material by backing up all arguments with references to course concepts and real world examples 1 Why has it been so difficult to build strong legitimate states in lesser developed countries Evaluate the effect of one external factor like colonialism the cold war globalization and trade liberalization or foreign aid has had on the nationbuilding process relative to two internal problems like undemocratic or weak political institutions corruption and ethnic dominance Make sure to include specific examples from at least two countries2 Why have civil wars in many Third World countries been so difficult to stop Compare two cases of civil conflict to assess how ethnic divisions foreign involvement including neighborhood and spillover effects andor the presenc
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