Hamre, John J. and Gordon R. Sullivan. “Toward Postconflict Reconstruction.” The Washington Quarterly, Autumn 2002.

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Political Science
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Toward Post Conflict Reconstruction Study Guide Eight major alternatives to consider when facing the problem of a failed state: if one ignores the problem long enough, the situation will resolve itself without major action on the part of outsiders o More often than not, the problems spread, causing a crisis in an entire region and providing opportunities to international criminals and terrorists who seek to avoid the reach of the law try to quarantine a failed state acknowledge that a failed state is no longer viable and to carve it up or recognize its dissolution into smaller pieces seek to integrate or absorb a failed state, or parts of it, into a larger entity, whether this entity is a single state or a body like the European Union establish some form promote some sort of a neighborhood watch system, with countries in the region playing a central role in trying to solve or contain the problem of international transitional authority back one side in a given conflict and hope both that it emerges as the winner and that it can reorder the affairs of the country Postconflict Reconstruction: includes providing and enhancing not only social and economic well-being and governance and the rule of law but also other elements of justice and reconciliation and, very centrally, security. Postconflict reconstruction consists of four distinct categories of tasks, or pillars: Security addresses all aspects of public safety, in particular, creating a safe a
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