Gurr, Ted Robert. “Ethnic Warfare on the Wane. Foreign Affairs May/June 2000. JSTOR

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Ethnic Warfare on the Wane Study Guide Threats to divide a country should be managed by the devolution of state power and that communal fighting about access to the states power and resources should be restrained by recognizing group rights and sharing power. The first and most basic principle of this emerging regime is recognizing and actively protecting minority peoples rights. Corollary is the right of national peoples to exercise some autonomy within existing states. Creating autonomy within the state for minorities is harder than simply banning discrimination: Most governing elites want to hold on to central authority Many fear that autonomy will lead to outright secession negotiating arrangements that satisfy parties and address each situations unique quirks is not easy. In most recent wars of self-determination, - fighting usually began with demands for complete independence and ended with negotiated or de facto autonomy within the state. Protecting collective rights is one of the three elements of the new preferred strategy for managing ethnic heterogeneity. Democracy is another; it provides the institutional means whereby minorities in most societies secure their rights and pursue their collective interests. third element of this new regime is the principle that disputes over self-determination are best settled by negotiation and
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