Kaldor, Mary," The Globalized War Economy" in New and Old Wars: Organized Violence in the Global Era, 2001, p. 90-111.

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Kaldor on Globalized War Economy - Study Guide The failure of states (due to a lack of control, catch 22) is accompanied by privatization of violence 5 main types of fighting units: Regular armed forces: with unstable paymorale, officers become the equivalent of warlords Paramilitary groups: autonomous groups of armed men, usually centered around an individual leader, tends to be associated with extremists parties or political factions Self-defence units: volunteers who try to defend their localities Foreign mercenaries: may be individuals or bands Regular foreign troops: UNNATO bc of cost of logistics and inadequate infrastructure and skills, these armies tend not to use heavy weapons, which when sued can make a big difference Revolutionary warfare: get control of territory through gaining support of local population Counterinsurgency: just
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