E.D. Mansfield & Jack Snyder, “Democratization and the Danger of War,” International Security 20(1) (1995): 5-38

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Political Science
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Democratization Study Guide Democratizing states are more likely to fight wars than are mature democracies or stable autocracies Anocracies: political systems in which democratic and autocratic features are mixed, o in which very little power is concentrated in the hands of public authorities The strength of the relationship between democratization and war varies depending on the length of time that is analyzed In the initial stages of expanding poltical participation, strong barriers prevent the emergence of full-fledged democratic processes and the foreign policy outcomes associated with them. The two main barriers are the weakness of democratic institutions (due to transaction costs {pg20} & collective action issues) and the resistance of social groups who would be the losers in process of full-fledged democratization In newly democratizing states without strong parties, independent courts, a free press, and untainted electoral procedures, there is no reason to expect that mass politics will produce the same impact on foreign policy as it does in mature democracies. Praetorian society is where pressure for participation are strong but institutions for ef
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