Doing well out of war

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Doing well out of war Study Guide Civil wars are most likely to emerge: 1) in mountainous territories 2) in countries governed by weak but nondemocratic governmentsanocracies 3) where there is political instability. Two major types of insurgency from his case studies: Opportunistic rebellions: where participation involves fewer risks, short-term gains are more likely, and low commitment participants resemble consumers, whose commitment to the organization is weak and who expect to be rewarded immediately for their involvement. The modal participant is an opportunistgreed trumps grievances. Activist rebellions: where participation is risky, short term gains are unlikely, and high- commitment participants resemble investors dedicated to the cause of the organization and willing to make costly investments of time and risk-taking in return for the promise of rewards in the future.40 The modal participant is an investor and grievance trumps greed. Two different relations to the resident population: - resource predation and indiscrimin
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