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Political Science
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Who cares about corruption? Required Chapters and Articles News articles - expect you to gain insight and illustrations from them. This week, unique browse request Want you to skim articles - all news stories to get an idea of range of corruption issues, pervasiveness of the problem and geographic range. Recommended articles are not directly on the exams. Most are not textbooks, chock full of concepts and new terms. Even our primary text are not traditional textbooks, P and V is written for an undergrad audience and does a great job introducing some important concepts. BGG is written for academics and policy-makers, maybe for students writing reports. For each of the academic article you need to know the important points of it and the evidence that supports it. You often only need to read the introduction and conclusion and skim the middle. You may want to check for key term. A five minute presentation with a partner that talks about corruption. Keep it short and bring in key ideas. Keep the presentation simple and focus. Provide sources even if you its your on recollection. Chapter 1: Introduction Countries have capital to grow so they can remain stable, however countries need capital because their human population is growing and natural resources otherwise they will fail. Having capital is not enough for social stability. Example: Kenyan coffee maker are prosperities and Ugandan are not because one has violence and the other has peace. Kenya vs. Uganda: Kenya have harbours, infrastructure, and confidence, while Uganda have a military dictatorship, stagnation and fear. Bates expects that future generation will benefit from investment for Kenya. However Uganda the fear scare away the people from investing because the profits in the future may not be guaranteed due to the dictator taking it. Bates argues that having capital enough, there must be so guarantee that the investor will get the profit. Violence scares away investors, while corruption, the investors may fear that they would have enough money to pay bribes. Varieties and Causes of Corruption Why do people care about corruption in Afghanistan, Russia, China, and Africa? The health and safety of the people there Logging illegally can cause the price of wood to go down, environment disaster, and others. Donators wants to keep corruption to level the playing field for self interest. www.notesolution.comRather than completing a variety of task, we hire others, an agent, to complete the task on our behalf. The agents job is to work on principals behalf, keeping in mind best interest of principal. Delegation is indispensable when principal has other tasks they need to complete, when completing a task oneself is unrewarding, when special expertise is required and when enforcement is necessary. The principal agent problem arise when they to scam. Either player desires maximum gain for minimal effort, Asymmetric information is when the principal cannot observe, evaluate or understand agents actions, Easy to corrupt of skimming. Enforcement agents takes the advantage of its powers derived from principal to enforce contracts and rule of law and uses power to rule principal. Self-interest does not mean that people are no necessarily selfish nor that people will not act to help others. It does examine when agents will take advantage of principals There are many ways to try to solve minimize principal agent problem. There are many situation were self-interest coassignee with the principal. There are four varieties of corruption: dash Are bribes any different than tips like at a restaurant? Do bribes reward good service, solving principal agent problem since bribes compensation to customers satisfaction? Bribes are solicited before the work is done. What if there were incentives to do your own things and pursue your self interest rather than the interest of the entire group? Prisoners Dilemma: Two burglary suspects have been arrested. Each has two options, confess or keep their mouths shut. If both keep their mouths shut, theyll stay in jail for possession of stolen property for a maybe a year. If one confesses and name the other as a criminal than one will go free and the other be punished with 20 years in prison. If both confess, than both still will go to prison with five years each. What should each prisoner do? If Prisoner B confesses, what is the best course of action for Prisoner A? If Prisoner B keeps mouth shut, what is the best course of action for Prisoner A? therefore, if Prisoner A finds himself in a dilemma if is best to confess and same with the other. The best interest of group usually need an enforcement mechanism. Self-interest can make society worst off. Challenge for society: create institutions to induce cooperation or keep self-interest at bay. Undeveloped nations that fail to mange itself will be warned down, while developed nations will stay fit. Thus, the rich gets richer, the poor get poorer. An ideal state is that it control a defined territory and population; have monopoly on use of force; have a set of rule-bound institutions that perform governing tasks like regulation. Less an ideal states lack border, monopoly of use of force, is not able to perform normal state functions. State is extractive, taking resources from domestic economy without, providing normal benefits like regulation, contract enforcement, ect. State=person.
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