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Political Science
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Political Science Midterm Study Notes by: Chino. Nnadi CLIENTELISM: - exchange of favours bw patron and client; power imbalance but reciprocal exchange take form of jobsown ability to put up toll booth wo fixing pot-hole and making ppl pay -2 types: patronage, prebendalism - Patronage the practice of using state resources to provide jobs and services for political clienteles. -Prebendalism (prebends) an individual is given a public office in order for himher to gain personal access over state resources; most common in non-democratic states PORT-BEAR POLITICS: - arrange for goods to be received to those who support you CAPITAL: -resources that you own, that can potentially make you $ power, stability, growth, popn -Kenya (peace and prosperous, created system that works) vs. Ugandan coffee (violence) KINSHIP SOCIETIES: -Static eternal yesterday -trade off bw prosperity&peace -agriculturally based -lack of capital, limits prosperity -can adaptive to new economic& social conditions (might be awk) www.notesolution.com
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