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INTEREST GROUPS March 11 2014Way citizens get involved in politics and influence what happens in politics Interest groups goes by name pressure group abassy group nongovernmental organization separate from govt which seeks to influence public policy Its a channel of communication between society and govt interest group is trying to influence govt policy whereas political party trying to get its people into government so they can make the policy Will pursue a particular interest ex better regulation of production of steal They are traditional subjects in political science will talk to people in government and try to get their stuff done Social movement in unconventional GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO WANT TO INFLUENCE PUBLIC POLICYMontpetit said 2 Broad interest groupsunitary groups and peak associationsoUnitary group one where members are individual ex Sier club of CanadaoPeaks associations members are groups national manufacturing association firm to manufacture something and as that firm you say lets band As groups join a bigger group Directly rep
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