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Tehreem Khan Date: 16/04/2013 12. Innovation is important to the economic wellbeing of Canadians yet post-secondary education is primarily a provincial responsibility, with the federal government contributing funding. Should provinces voluntarily opt out of their role in this policy area and let the federal government make the decisions and do the funding? Keep in mind the tension between shared rule and self-rule as you answer this question. I strongly believe that Provincial government should voluntarily opt out of their role in the policy area of making decision of post-secondary education because the federal government mainly controls the funding. Although provincial government has a say in the post-secondary decision making in their provinces, the main conflict arises when the financial assistance is not provided. I believe that the federal government should definitely take in charge and the Ontario government should opt out of the policy so that the federal government can become fully aware and handle the issues and what the provinces go through to better understand their issues and concerns. Inadequate funding often causes the provinces to become helpless in issues where the funding is crucial. If both of the governments share the responsibilities, it will be hard to agree upon one or the other government’s idea. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that one government handles the issue, makes decisions and understand what is required in the post-secondary financial issues and its decision making processes. It cannot be denied that federal government has the responsibility of the whole nation not just one province and cannot fulfill the needs and requirement of all the provinces to its fullest. When the province requires funding but do not receive the adequate amount required, they often get into an unsolved and paused issue which cannot be solved further unless the financial issues are solved. The conflicts between getting the required task done and not being able to fulfil it are due to the lack of financial assistance causes much tension between the governments. When there are conflicts between two governments, I would recommend that federal govern
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