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Nacima Polc66Public Policy Question 2Discuss health care policies in contemporary Canada What are the major challenges for Canadian governments in this policy area and how do Canadian governments address them Give specific examples Health Care in CanadaCanadas Constitution under section 92 subsection 7 assigns primary jurisdiction over health care to provincial governments but through its federal spending power and other means Ottawa plays an important role in the system in terms of setting some of the rules providing some of the dollars and even delivering services to some groups such as Aboriginal Canadians living on reserves and member of the military The Canada Health Act outlines core principles of universality that provincial governments must meet in order to qualify for federal funding towards healthcare 1 Public administration 2 Comprehensive 3 Universality 4 Portability 5 Accessibility Most doctors work on a feefor service basis operating very much as individual business persons Provincial governments reimburse doctors for the bills they submit under a schedule of covered services and rates set by the provinces Health care in Canada is generally characterized as a public systembut about 13 of total health care expenditures in Canada fall outside the public system Among the hea
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