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Political Science
Margaret Kohn

Final Exam Study Guide POL C 73 Short Answers Questions Identifications On the exam you will be asked to answer 10 out of 11 for quotes please identify the author and explain the significance of the quoteWe are resolved to keep an established church an established monarchy an established aristocracy and an established democracyThis is from Edmund Burke This quote was written when he was reflecting upon the French Revolution and shows that he is against anarchy He was one that believed in order and hierarchy within a societyThe state ought not to be considered as nothing better than a partnership agreement in a trade of pepper and coffee calico or tobacco or some other such low concernThis is also from Edmund Burke This quote is Burkes way of reaffirming the fact that the social contract actually exists and should be considered a contract that is higher in importance than the common contracts Burke believed that the contract between an individual and the state was one that could not be dissolved and that this contract was essential in the relationship between the individual and the stateWhat is Burkes view of natural rightsBurke rejects the idea of natural rights and defends the real rights of men These rights include the right to property right to do what does not harm others similar to Mills Harm Principle the right to the acquisitions of their parents the right to nourish and to the improvement of their offspring the right to instruction in life and the right to consolation in death Man also has a right to his fair share of all that society can do for himNatural rights are described as things such as liberty and freedom think about John Locke Burke rejected the notion of natural rights due to the fact that he believed that man had to earn his freedom through good judgement Common law is a good system and that it is a gradual transformation freedom develops over time in contextBurke rejects the false rights of menthese were the rights involved in the French RevolutionWhat is metaphysical abstraction 502 Why does Burke object to itMetaphysical abstraction according to Burke is the belief that many rights are fundamental and natural rights Burke objects to metaphysical abstraction due to the fact that it deals with concepts such as liberty and many believed that to be a natural right Burke was one that believed in the developing of such rights the real rights of men over time and in contextDemocratic despotismBoth Edmund Burke and John Stewart Mill wrote about democratic despotism Burke who is widely considered the father of Conservatism believed that democracy itself was despotic in nature He was nostalgic for feudalism and believed in traditions He was quoted as saying When it is not necessary to change it is necessary not to changeWhat are the negative features of democracy according to TocquevilleAlexis de Toqueville listed three reasons as to why he believed that democracy was dangerous He believed that democracy involved selfishness you only think for yourself and that it encouraged the tyranny of the majority and democratic despotismName four things that Tocqueville thinks improve the quality of democracy Toqueville believes that there are six factors that can improve the quality of democracy Four of them include local government associations decentralized power and judicial review These four
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