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Political Science
R Rice

POLC99 LEC 3 Jan. 24 Revolutionary Struggles: Cuba and Nicaragua 1) Revolution defined 2) Insurrection and victory 3) Institutionalization and consolidation 4) Research Proposals 1) REVOLUTION DEFINED A social revolution: the successful overthrow of a ruling elite by revolutionaries who seek the profound transformation of a societys political, economic and social structures. Coup dtat: power is transferred either within the ruling elite or from one ruling elite to another but the state, economic and social structures remain the same (e.g. military intervention) Rebellion: spontaneous uprisings aimed at changing the leaders, policies or institutions of the state, but rarely affect social structures and values (ex. Anti- neoliberal protests) Political Revolution: seeks to transform the state but not economic or social structures (e.g. Wars of independence) First Generation revolutions Great Revolutions Characterized by the tensions surrounding the transition from feudalism to capitalism and high class struggle (French 1789, Russia 1917, Chinese 1971 and Mexican 1910). Theoretical Models of Revolution
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