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Political Science
Susan Solomon

Nov22(wk 5) Pola81 Readings James Baldwin, Paris Letter: A Question of Identity, (1954) printed in James Baldwin, The Price of the Ticket: Collected non fiction, 1948-1985, 91-99. The best that one can do by way of uniting these so disparate identities simply to accept without comment the fact of their military experience without questioning its extent and further to suggest that they form, by virtue of their presence here a somewhat unexpected minority. One is forced to suppose that it was nothing more than the legend of Paris not infrequently as its most vulgar and superficial level. It was certainly no love for French tradition, indeed in his mind, that tradition may be and in any case, sine he himself is without tradition he is ill equipped to deal with the traditions of any other people. It was no love for their language, no love for history, no love for the monuments, cathedrals, palaces and etc. Difference between what one desires and what reality insists on- which difference we will not pursue except to observe that, since reasons which br
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