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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Susan Solomon

Pola81 Readings Nov9 Turkish Headscarves and the Foreigner Problem: Constructing Difference through Emblems of Identity (Ruth Mandel) - Berlin Wall has many graffiti codes messages. - One message says the world, the earth, is not a foreign land, so there are no foreigners - Kreuzbergs reputation as Turkish ghetto, the district is named Little Istanbul - Foreigners called Gasterbeiter, guest workers were recruited to West Germany following the erection of the wall. - Turks account for the largest guest worker population, 2 million of the four making them the largest foreign population. - Foreigners were recruited by West German industry for the importation of labor. - Bilateral agreement was designed to import temporary workers to fill the gap left in the labour market. - Turks provided the back bone for work and brawn. - Famous boom economy- Writhshaftswunder - Oil crisis led to evaluation of all guest workers. - Foreign problem- we called for manpower, but people came instead. - Gasterbeiter guest workers, underlines the ambiguity of their status. - Guests are by definition temporary, and are expected to return home. - Guests are bound to rules and regulations of hosts. - Second half of the word- arbeiter worker - Worker refers to the economic and use value of the migrant determined solely in relation to his or her labour. - This reduces the migrants to their function
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