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PSYA01H3 Study Guide - Psychoanalytic Theory, Behaviorism, Falsifiability

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Steve Joordens

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The focus of the ______ approach was to help people realize their full potential
According to Sigmund Freud, the unconscious part of our mind largely influences our conscious
thoughts, feelings, and actions in our daily lives. This idea formed the basis for which theory?
Psychoanalytic theory
Wundt favored a view that saw the “mind” as being made up of basic elements. Therefore, he saw the
mind as being able to be broken down into basic elements. What would this view be called more
The normal distribution features data you have collected in a bell-shaped frequency distribution.
What is another name for this phenomenon?
Gaussian distribution
Recall that Professor Joordens talked a lot about the history of psychology. Which country did he say
psychology was founded in and largely developed?
Wundt was a german first psych lab
Psychology is the scientific study of _______ and _______.
Mind and behaviour
Psychoanalysis was a hot topic in the 1910s-1920s and behaviorism was the next great movement
from 1930s-1950s. Which theoretical viewpoint dominated next, often called the third wave of
What is the textbook's definition of validity?
Measurement and property conceptually related
Freud’s approach to studying psychology was through psychoanalysis? What did this actually consist
of doing?
Bringing unconscious material into conscious world
What is needed to calculate a correlation?
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